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Mini Glass Mushroom Bud Vase

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-> The product is made by Borosilicate Glass which is very light weighted and it holds small flowers only. -> Mushroom Shape Vase: Mushroom shape design, cute, unique and novel, very lovely and funny. -> Mushroom Glass Bud Vases: Create beautiful flower displays with these pretty mushroom vases, which are available in different shapes and colors: red, brown, yellow, beiges and green. -> Mushroom Decoration: Hydroponic plant vases is not only a practical vase or plant container, but also a beautiful decoration. The lovely and creative appearance will bring natural beauty to any indoor space and create a fresh and natural environment for you.


Delivery rates and minimums:

Under 5 miles - $10 with $50 order minimum

6-9 miles - $15 with $60 order minimum

10-14 miles - $20 with $60 order minimum

15-19 miles - $30 with $60 order minimum

*If you are farther than 20 miles, contact us to get a free quote for your flowers.

Quality over Quantity

Here at The Borough, we pride ourselves on artfully arranging the most fresh and premium flowers we can get our hands on. Our flowers are for those who want to soak in nature.